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Originally Posted by vicrol123;13002759 
work if I have a controller card for the raid?


I created this fix with only the motherboard SATA stack in mind, Windows MSAHCI sees it as Controller 0. Does it see your RAID card as Controller 1? Then make a key accordingly.
Originally Posted by therock003;13574068 
Does this work the opposite way as well? Can i create this setting in order to make external drives appear in safely remove by setting the option "1"? Cause i dont get the safely remove for the eSata drive i have connected...

Also can i use safely remove on internal drives as well if AHCI is not enabled? Can this be done, and is it safe?

1. As far as your eSata drive, if it is plugged into SATA ports 0-6, and you want it to still be treated as external, then change the value to "0".

2. My "fix" is for systems that are running AHCI. If you are not running AHCI, this fix is not for you.
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