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Originally Posted by Booty Warrior;14851798 
You card won't go over 850 even with extra voltage? What's your card's VID? wth.gif
I think it's at 0.95V at idle/light use, and I think it goes up to like 1.00V (or maybe even 1.05V?) under load, but I'm not positive.

I never tried extra voltage, and won't. It can get up to around ~85C in Crysis on a good day as is.

I tried 950MHz and it froze/crashed real quick playing Crysis. I tried 900MHz and it crashed/reset clock speeds after but a few minutes playing Crysis.

Either it needs more voltage for a measly overclock, is overheating, or I did something wrong (definitely a possibility I suppose), but both are a problem, and it's performing fine anyway, so I haven't touched it. I'd rather not potentially shorten it's life for performance I don't really need.
Originally Posted by Xristo;14865530 
560ti performs roughly the same as a 6870 i believe .
It's closer to and on par with a Radeon 6950. A Radeon 6870 is more comparable to a GeForce GTX 560 (non-Ti).

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