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Originally Posted by StarDestroyer;15087815 
good test, I'd like to see lots with crossfire

Thank you. When users give me values I will put them up.
Originally Posted by munaim1;15088136 
This is actually a pretty good idea. +rep

Thank you thumb.gif
Originally Posted by mikeaj;15088885 
Well meter inaccuracy aside, you're underestimating the power draw. At medium loads, the ModXStream Pro 600W gets more like 85% efficiency, and maybe a tad bit above 80% even at full load.

From the website it said 80% at full load so this is the value I will use. The lights dimmed in my room when Prime and Furmark started lol.
Originally Posted by Snowmen;15089884 
Great idea! rep+

Thank you.

Edit: I also added an old system of mine in the house. Going to look over Phaedrus2129 value's now.

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