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Originally Posted by omni_vision;15285602 
was a good guide until i saw this
What do you mean by that?
Overclocking to stability is subjective across many different people. Some say, 24hrs Prime or ****. Others say 10 runs IBT or LinX and your good. Glass half full? or Half Empty?
Just all depends on the person experience and what they are comfortable with using the knowledge they have learned.
Also, torturing your CPU for extended periods at high temps. Will severely degrade your CPU. What used to only take X.XX vcore, now needs that bump to stay "stable"

Its a very thorough overclocking guide. Can easily guide newcomers to BD chip to getting more out of there chip. He also went into detail about differences between HT speeds, NB speeds, and how they varied to find that sweet spot. Or which was better for X bench but worse for Y bench. How those speeds affected outcomes, along with memory speeds to outcome.

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