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Originally Posted by El_Capitan View Post
I've had MSI Cyclone GTX 460 1GB's I've overclocked to 960MHz Core Clock in SLI with 1212mV's (BIOS flashed) with just an 80mm fan to blow air into the VRM's (no heatsink), and they've been fine for over 2 years (GPU's are watercooled).
Your playing with fire, and im not kidding. VRMs get hotter then the GPU on the GTX460. With tock cooling, if your GPU is 70c, your VRMs are 80c+. I had SLI GTX460 (asus) with a 92mm fan blowing to the VRMs heatsink on the cards and these heatsink were VERY hot. I mean VERY.

GTX460 under load, See yourself.

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