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Well thanks to your feedback and a little more research I'm convinced that getting my i2500k to 4.8Ghz or more has very little to do with having water vs air and has a LOT to do with luck of the draw on the chip (I make that conclusion knowing I already have a solid heatsink (TRUE Ultra 120 Extreme) and an HAF-32 so case airflow will not be an issue.

SO - I decided to order a San Ace 9G1212H1011 Fan for $23...an LGA1155 adapter for the TRUE for $8...and call it a day. $270 left to spend 8) Think an SSD is in order at least for my OS drive (Win 7 64) vs a 2nd GTX570 (gaming at 1920x1080p on a 42-inch Vizio) now. and here I JUST installed Win 7 plus apps in anticipation of the new case/cooler so I could start overclocking right away lmao. Oh well...not the first time to reinstall and won't be the last haha. Anyway thanks again for all your thoughts!
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