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Originally Posted by Mattyd893 View Post

Not sure about your specific case but in regards to the fans...
They should be similar, everytime you boot with with the H80/100 installed it spins up the fans to test RPMs and then settles back down to the required setting. At the very least, the two push should be the same, and the two pull the same.
I'd reccomend the Scyth GT-1850 as a good match if you can't find the Corsair stock ones, which, I actually think are quite good. If you plan on the fans running maxed out a lot then I'd replace them all with the GTs simply to lower the noise, but it won't give better pressure.

Thanks for the advise. I planned on buying 4 fans since i have a very low noise setup, ill look into the 1850's. I did some measurements and i think it will fit fine, but i may mod it a little and push the radiator all the way out (as far away from the motherboard as i can) that way i have some extra clearance. I love my case but it seems they put the motherboard higher up than they needed to so im worried about hitting the ram if i don't push the radiator over some.
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