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Originally Posted by y2jrock60 View Post

The problem seems to be Nvidia Inspector, MSI Afterburner appears to work fine. This is strange because I was having the same problem with Afterburner in BF3, where it would cause the game to crash. I can use Nvidia Inspector while playing BF3, but not Afterburner. Skyrim game is giving me the opposite problem.
If anyone is experiencing crashing, Nvidia Inspector might be the culprit.
It's strange that I have to use different overclocking utilities for different games. I don't understand why one crashes BF3 and the other Skyrim.

MSI afterburner was crashing our game to where it wouldnt even load.

What do we expect from a console port.. its not compatible with the software that every hardcore gamer uses... Nvidia inspector and MSI afterburner are SOP for gamers LOL

Also Ive had no problem with afterburner in BF3 in either beta or full release.

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