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Originally Posted by matty_AFC View Post

Thanks for the reply's people.
My girlfriend bought me a C++ book for my birthday (still hasn't arrived, due tomorrow) she asked around and was recommended it but i keep getting told i won't be able to learn it and i need to learn python first, because it's easier etc (basically what {Unregistered} said} but then others say I'll be fine so I'm rather confused at the moment.
Anyway i suppose it doesn't matter to much because i was planning on learning a few languages, i think I'll start in this order;
Python and HTML
Do you think it would be possible for me to learn Python and HTML simultaneously ( i hear HTML is easy) or would that confuse me? If so i might leave it until i feel comfortable in python,c++ and java, in other words a very long time biggrin.gif

HTML is easy, you usually just learn it to get your shoes wet wink.gif IMO it really does not help too much with programming unless you are trying to see if you are going to like it or not. It is really fun to learn, but is not really needed unless you want to be a web developer or web programmer. Also, another opinion of mine is that java is much easier than C++, the one thing I love about java compared to C++ is that it has its own garbage collection tongue.gif

Look into different distros of linux if you havent and familiarize yourself with one of them. It will help you in the long run with programming.

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