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Originally Posted by Michael9127 View Post

everyone says that intel is faster than AMD processors, but why? i look at the specs and cant see why there is such a difference in price and performance, why ?

Why is a Ferrari faster than Yugo? According to the specs, they both have 4 wheels and an engine.

To understand the differences, you have to look beyond the high-level specs.

For example, a 1.2GHz ARM CPU is still beaten by a 0.8 GHz Sandy Bridge CPU in performance.

To answer most of your questions: (1) a fridge cannot cool a PC (2) 64-bit OS for over 3.4GB (3) If a PCIe card fits, it should work (4) Resolution, not screen size (5) Report, not respond to Spam (6) Single-Rail/Non-Modular PSUs are not always better than Multi-Rail/Modular (7) Sequential does not matter as much as random for OS drives (8) Requirements come before hardware for servers

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