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Originally Posted by Visa Declined View Post

That card you have is awesome and has adjustable GPU, memory, and PLL voltages. God I wish that every card had adjustability like that. Is your card locked at 1.100v max core like the eVGA cards are?.... when you run at 1.100v what are your temps?

nah it can go up to 1.174 with normal overclocking - (I guess if you unlock afterburner you can go even higher?)

At 900 core mhz , 1.112v and default fan profile the card gets up to 67°C when running OC Scanner for 5 min (23°C room temp) and the best thing is you barely hear it.

I swapped to 560-448 from a 6950 unlocked shaders and it was getting around 95°C and was loud as hell.. so I am pretty happy with twin frozr so far.

But really would love low vcore like you guys have, thats bothering me.
Originally Posted by kody7839 View Post

Oh yeah...I forgot to add that I also added some 480 backplates. Here is my thread over at EVGA, and here some pics:

Looking nice man redface.gifthumb.gif

I might swap my card for an evga classified so far I am pretty impressed by the clocks you two achieved.
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