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[Official] The CoolerMaster Storm Scout, Scout II Club

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Logo by: K10

Originally founded by Enigma8750

Retired Commander Rockr69

This Thread is dedicated to the memory of
Medal of Honor Winner Captain Ed Freeman


In memory of Chopper Pilot Capt. Ed Freeman. The Patron Saint of Storm Scout Builders and Soldiers that have little to no hope of Survival has been postumously Awarded the Honorary Rank of 5 Star General.

Semper Fi.. Do or Die.

Best Picture of the Month


Congratulations Sassanou



Click Here for Past Months Winners!



Table of Contents

Best Picture of the Month


Scout Reviews


Scout 2

Scout 2


Scout 2 Specifications

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Scout Reviews

Image by r11

The Scout of any fire team is always the most stealthy and the most intelligent of the group. It is his mission to seek out all enemy targets and report their whereabouts back to Command. This Case Delivers the INTEL and AMD that command Needs.


Animation By: gtsteviiee

Cooler-Master has deployed the Storm Scout, a True LAN Gaming Chassis. Mobility, Security and 20 years of advanced technology converge in one rugged portable mid-tower chassis. Every Scout is engineered with Storm Tactics: a dedicated focus on Strength, Security and Control. The Scout blends into the darkness with a menacing all black interior showcasing your internal hardware.

An automotive tinted side window with dual fan exhaust brings efficient cooling with subtle transparency. A single button triggers stealth mode deactivating cooling fan LEDs. This covert outlook is complimented by innovative internal designs allowing swapping CPU coolers without motherboard removal. Inside, intelligent cable management maximizes space while supporting internal 2.5" and 1.8" SSD bays. On top, a rugged, steel reinforced handle allows the Scout to be easily wielded in a single hand.

+ The Side vent window of the Storm Scout is such a nice shape and tint is very nice.. Molded in color. Be advised. Clean this window with a one teaspoon of Dawn dish washing liquid and water mixture in a spray bottle. Any other cleaners like Windex or ammonia type additives can dull the finish of this window.


Originally Posted by Rockr69 View Post

Hey everyone, I was checking out page 1 and I saw the how to clean the window tip, and Dawn dish soap is an excellent choice, but if you want that super clean look and anti-static property to repel dust may I suggest Pledge furniture polish. I use it on all my electronics and the results are phenomenal. Also if you get small scratches in the surface from cleaning your window or other clear plastics (I recommend using a micro-fiber cloth) you can get some Meguiar's clear plastic polish and a Mothers mini power ball from Advance Auto Parts or your favorite auto parts store. Pop the mini into a cordless drill, put some Meguiar's on the ball (careful when spinning up so it doesn't sling all over) and buff those scratches right out. It works great and is good for reclaiming scratched cds and dvds. Give it a try and you'll see.

Where did I learn the pledge trick? From the the Air Force. That's how they keep those fighter jet canopies so clear and clean and if it's good enough for them, it ought to be good enough for me. Happy Cleaning!

The Interior of the Storm Scout is impeccably thought out. Nothing was overlooked. There are holes for wires. An opening for the CPU Back Plate and tie down points for wire management. Recent Intel has determined that any GPU 10.5" long will fit in this case.


Adding a Hard Drive could not be any easier. The drives face forward for easy install. Just press in the included drive brackets and slide the drive in till it clicks. Its locked and loaded in seconds.

Unlike the Antec 900. This case includes a wire management system that is second to none.
Just Look at the Steel Skeleton on this case handle.. This Case is no Plastic Sissy.





Case Specs:
Dimension: (D)489 x (W)219 X (H)495.5 mm/(D)19.2 x (W)8.6 x (H)19.5 inch

Weight: 8.7 kg / 19.23 lbs

5.25" Drive Bay: 5 Exposed (without the use of exposed 3.5 inch Drive Bay)

3.5" Drive Bay: 5 Hidden 1 Exposed (converted from one 5.25 inch Drive Bay)

2.5" Drive Bay: 1 Hidden (converted from one 3.5 inch Drive Bay)

Fans: Front: 140mm Red LED Fan x 1 (included)
          Top: 140mm Fan x 1 (included) or 120mm Fan x 1 (optional)
          Rear: 120mm Red LED Fan x 1 (included)
          Side: Acrylic window; supports 120mm x 2 (optional)

Expansion Slots: Standard x 7, Special x 1

Included Accessory: 1.8 or 2.5 to 3.5 inch mounting bracket for SSD or HDD

GPU Specs:

10.5 inches of space from back of case to Drive Bays.

Recent Intel has determined that the 4870, 4870x2, 5770, 5850, 5870, 5970 with a little bending or cutting and the GTX 285 will fit in this case

Latest intel is reporting that the following will fit:


  • 5770
  • 5870 (some models need slight modding some don't)
  • 6850
  • 6870
  • 6950
  • 6970 (needs slight modding)
  • 7850
  • 7970 (Refer to Members List)



  • GTX 260
  • GTX 460
  • GTX 560
  • GTX 560ti
  • GTX 570 (Asus GTX570 DirectCUII needs modding)
  • GTX 670

CPU Cooler Specs:

With 2 Side Panel Fans Installed. 120x120x25(146 mm.) CPU to Top Side Panel Fan Distance.With Only the Bottom Side Fan installed 171 mm. CPU to Side Panel Distance NO Fan installed on the Top of the Side Panel

Heat-sink Dimensions 120 x 120 x 158mm to 169mm is the optimum size range for this case.
Top of the case to the Bottom or Vertical dimensions of the case should not exceed 120mm. Side to side dimensions 140 mm.
Example of too big is the Cooler Master V10 (L) 236.5 x (W) 129.6 x (H) 161.3 mmIts not the height or the width of this cooler but it is 10 mm too tall from top to bottom.

Scout Info.


well, if this is what you're talking about, its 133mm wide, which means it can only be mounted horizontally (fan blowing out the top). I've got a TRUE, and its too tall when mounted to the fan blows out the back, the top fan gets in the way. I think the cooler needs to be under 120mm wide to be mounted vertically.

Intel has started reporting the following coolers fit

  • Antec Kuhler 620
  • Corsair H40
  • Corsair H50
  • Corsair H60
  • Corsair H70
  • Corsair H80
  • Cooler Master Hyper 212+
  • Cooler Master 512
  • Cooler Master V6
  • Cooler Master V8
  • Kuhler H20 620
  • Noctua NH-D14
  • Thermalright True Spirit 120
  • Xigmatek Dark Knight II Night Hawk Edition
  • Zalman CNPS9900MAX-B
  • zerotherm btf 90

Fan Specs:

Cooler Master High Performance 120MM R4 Series RED LED Case Fan - Brand New $9.99
R4 series fans offer a unity of maximum rotational speed and optimum airflow. Using a unique long-life sleeve bearing fan, the R4 series offers long life rating of 50,000 hours. R4 series fans perform at a maximum of 90CFM at 2000RPM. These R4 series are available in red, green, blue LED and dark smoke (no LED).
"Front: 140mm Red LED Fan x 1; 60 CFM; 30,000 hrs life expectancy (included)""Rear: 120mm Red LED Fan x 1; 44 CFM; 35,000 hrs life expectancy (included)"
Please remember that Sleeve bearings are only good for the vertical position. They wear prematurely in any other position. That why top case fans are usually ball bearing.



- Included Accessory 1.8 or 2.5 to 3.5 inch mounting bracket for SSD or HDD
UPC Code 884102004537
+ Included Accessory 1.8 or 2.5 to 3.5 inch mounting bracket for SSD or HDD
UPC Code 884102004537


The following PSU's cables are too short to route the cables.

  • iCute 1000w (Can not run the 24 pin through the top cutout)
  • Novatech 750W Black Addition (8 pin can't be routed behind the MB tray with out an extension)
  • OCZ ModXStream 500W (8 pin can't be routed behind the MB tray with out an extension)

Scout 2


The Strom Scout 2 is an evolution of the original Scout in style and design. Meaning it looks like a more rounded futuristic Scout while doing everything the first Scout did and more. It's still a normal sized mid-tower ATX case that has a steel reinforced handle aimed at people wanting a lan party PC that can fit a full sized ATX motherboards and any GPU, no matter the size. It comes in two colors, Midnight Black and Gunmetal.

Here we can see CM has kept the window plus fans theme on the side panel, but have pulled off a much improved design. The window has a slight tint to it giving it a stealthy look. It is large enough to see your CPU, RAM and top GPU, but hides all the ugly like your PSU and HDD's. The fan mounts are for 120mm fans and are not dust filtered and are placed so they will not interfere with your components. The bulge will allow for larger CPU coolers. The other side panel mirrors this panel’s bulge but without the window and fan mounts making it stupid easy to route cables. You will not need to fight the back side panel when putting it on. This picture really shows how nicely the plastic matches the black metal even under bright lights.


The front sports a new very large honeycomb reinforcement that improves airflow and has a new screen styled dust filter. You can mount two 120mm fans or one 140mm fan in the top or bottom location. There are three dust filtered 5.25" bays that carry over the honeycomb design seamlessly but there is no external 3.5" adapter this time. The Storm logo is a very nice metal badge and there is a settle power LED strip at the top.





The top of the case carries over the large honeycomb design for the two 120mm fan grill. The grill is not dust filtered but this shouldn't be a problem for most people as they will have their fans as exhaust keeping dust from entering the case. The handle, like the first Scout is no plastic sissy, it is steel reinforced and is mounted to the metal structure of the case with a rubber coating making very easy on the hands when carrying. You have a power, reset, and LED on/off switch located at the front. The switches have a very solid feel to them. At the very front of the Scout 2, you have have a covered front input panel that slides back to reveal your front headphone and mic jacks, along with two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 headers.



The back of the case has a 7+1 PCI layout. The +1 includes the Storm Guard that allows you to secure your mouse and keyboard at a lan party. The PSU mount allows you to have your PSU fan up or down. There is 2 rubber grommets for WC'ing or for cables to pass through. And with most cases the side panels are held on with four thumb screws. The fan mount is for a 120mm fan and comes with a red LED fan controled by the LED switch on the the top of the case. It is also the only included fan for the case. This has had many people scratching their heads on why CM desided on this, me included. I have spoke a with CM rep on this and they CM stated to me "Through user feedback, we came to the decision that our users were more likely to replace the stock fans with something that suited their theme or performance needs for their particular setup. In this way, we focused on expanding overall support to 9 fans and let the user decide where they feel is the best airflow and fan type for them." I have to say for many people that build PC's I agree with this, but it may turn off some newer user's or for people that mainly stick with stock fans and don't want the added cost of buying them.


On the inside of the Scout 2 is where most of the improvements over the Scout have been made. There is a large CPU back plate cutout that allows you to change your CPU cooler without having to remove the MB. The rubber cable management grommets are a very welcome thing, and are very nicely made. These will not fall out when passing cables through them like on other cheaply made cases. The PSU one is much larger making it very easy to route all your cables through without them bunching up. As far as I know CM is the only case maker to think of this, and shows how much they think things through when designing their cases. There are 4 places to pass cables through on the top for fans, data and power cables. Two are visible here, the other two are inside the 5.25” cage just above where a drive would go. They even put a cable tie down in-between the two middle ones to tidy up the cables going to the drive bays. There is room for a total of seven 3.5" drives, four in the removable top cage and three in the bottom. CM included a 3.5" to 2.5" adapter for mounting two 2.5" drives in one of the 3.5" slots. You can fit 11.5" long GPU's with the top cage in and without top cage you can fit up to 15.7" long cards. You’ll never be limited on what GPU you can use in this case. The PCI slots use thumb screws to firmly secure your massive cards in place. This being a case designed for mobility, I'm glad CM did not use a plastic tool-less design. The 5.25" bays do use a tool-less design the secures your drives using pins on the front and back. They do have screw mounting holes on the backside for those needing a stronger mount for their drives. You can mount a 120mm fan on the bottom next to the PSU and one to the top HDD cage to help keep your GPU's running nice and cool.


Working with this case is a real treat. Cable management is super easy due to the massive space behind the MB tray and the amount of cable tie points. The only problem I had was with the USB 3.0, the Asus Z77 Sabertooth the header flat instead of pointing up. This makes it impossible to route the cable through the grommets. I had no problems at all tying everything down and getting that back panel on.



For all you water coolers out there, I'm sad to say WC'ing with anything more than a 120mm rad without modding isn't a reality. I did take some measurements for you if you feel like modding the Scout 2 fit some rads. 

The top you only have 30mm to work with, it looks like a couple more but the screw holes add a couple mm.


The bottom isn't going to be able to take a 240mm rad without it coming out the front, but it would be covered by the cases front cover.


If you want to mount a 240 up front you'll have to cut in to the 5.25" bays.










Scout 2 Specifications

Case Specs:

Available Colors: All Midnight Black, Gunmetal

Materials Appearance: Polymer, Coated Steel Mesh and Body

Dimensions (W x H x D): 230 x 513 x 517.5mm / 9.1 x 20.2 x 20.5 inch

Net Weight: 8.3 kg / 18.3 lb

M/B Type: Micro-ATX, ATX

5.25" Drive Bays: 3 (exposed)

3.5" Drive Bays: 7 (hidden)

2.5" Drive Bays: 2 (converted from one 3.5" drive bay)

I/O Panel: USB 3.0 x 2 (int.), USB 2.0 x 2, Mic x 1,Audio x 1 (supports AC97/HD Audio)

Expansion Slots: 7

Cooling System: Top: 120mm fan x 2 (optional)

                           Front: 120mm fan x 2 or 140mm fan x 1 (optional)
                           Rear: 120mm red LED fan x 1 (with LED on/off function)
                           Bottom: 120mm fan x 1 (optional)
                           Side: 120mm fan x 2 (optional)
                           HDD cage: 120mm fan x 1 (optional)

Power Supply: PS2 (optional)

Dust filters: PSU (slide out), top panel

Maximum Compatibility:

VGA card length: 287mm / 11.3 inch (with HDD cage), 399mm / 15.7 inch (without HDD cage)

CPU cooler height: 147mm / 5.8 inch (with side fan), 162mm / 6.4 inch (without side fan)

Intel has started reporting the following CPU coolers fit

  • Phanteks PH-TC14PE
  • CM Seidon 120M



Looking for parts and fans for your CM Storm Scout




CM Scout Parts
General Part from Cooler Master
General Accessories from Cooler Master

Request Replacement Parts From Cooler Master

Modding Supplies from MNPCTech



Honor Members

GoodInk Lt.General

Enigma8750 Lt.General: CMSSC Founder/MIA

Rocker69 Lt.General: Retired General-Civilian Adviser

UnimatrixZero: Liason Board Member Founder of CMSTC DIVISION
BriSleep: Retired Master Builder Adviser in Chief
kev b: Major General
K10: Major General

Rogue1266: Middle East Correspondent/Liason Board Member Co-Founder of CMSTC DIVISION

Striker36: The Reactor AMD 965/ 5850
Photonmoo: Best Nephew in Aussie Land
seven9st surfer:Modder Extraordinare
AliasOfMyself: First Female Officer/The Steam Queen

Jolly-Swagman:aka: Acrylic Master Craftsman
MlbrottarN: Explosive Ordinance Scout
dkev: Air Dual Core Record Holder 4118 on air
Rom3000: Deep Cover Scout. BlackKnightRacer

Treacherous Intellect: Graphic Artist and Painter Extraordinaire

Shadow_Foxx: Major/Watercooling Gooroo

imh073p: Codename Nitro: Build Master

Evil262: Capt 

darkstar585: Render King

Because of The Extreme Popularity to this Thread some of our membership had to be moved.




Tips and Tricks



Thread Mile Stones


Want to Join Us?


Post a picture of your Storm Scout, then copy and paste the code in this PHP into your signature block, then fill out this form to be added to the list



PHP Code by: K10

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A Tribute to the CMSSC from its Founder


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25,000th Post Celebration
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Psssh just get a Storm Sniper . I actually really like this case and was so close to buying it. I'm surprised more people don't have one.

Q9650 @ 4.5, 1.4 vCore (1.376 CPU-Z)proof.gif
Athlon II X2 240 @ 3.8, 1.525 vCore (1.520 CPU-Z)proof.gif
i7 920 @ 4.2, 1.30 vCore (1.296 CPU-Z)proof.gif

i5 3570K @ 4.5, 1.1 vCore (1.096 CPU-Z)proof.gif

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getting 1 soon -_-

sneaky.gifAMD 4GHz Clubsneaky.gif
AMD Phenom II X3 710 @ 3.6Ghzproof.gif
AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 4.5Ghzproof.gif
Intel i5 2500k @ 5Ghzproof.gif

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The Cases of the CM Storm Scout Club Members

This one is from me Enigma8750
I call it called Enigma0011, The Cold War Project
She won 3rd. place twice on OCN Mod of the Month and then 5th place Mid tower World Wide from CM Modding Contest. I built it as a show Winner after I saw what Bill Owen had done to the case and I had to try out the Camo Theme mod myself. But from my time. It now belongs to my wife and I as a low wattage alternative to my Big Enigma 0002 Sig Rig and Serves as my Test Machine for Future Builds and repairs.

Kev_B Modded this beauty after the CM690 NVidia edition
This one is the called nVidia Build and it's stunning.

This is dkev's Baby

This one is Trecherous Intellect's Build. He's from Los Angeles, California.
He includes a picture of himself and his SIGNIFICANT Memory. Wow!!! What a way to disguise the wires.

This is Pandemahaos's new B'day Build.

This is imh073p's rig. She is hot. Her name is Nitro Scout

bdBanshee's build.

Kracky Calls this The Roost

Here is Xilii

Maxilla's Case

Behemoth777's Case is called Shadow and Flame and its a really nice Build.

Rom3000's Case

This is Photonmoo's Machine

This is BriSleep's Build ATI 5870 Dark and Blue

HubWub's Mangoes Scout

Lee79's Build is Red Scout

Xiliii's Rig is Red vs. Blue. My favorite web cartoon.

Tigs. Unfinished build. He calls it First Build

This is Patricck's Rig

This Is KritonX Monster Rig

This Is Rouge1266's Rig

This Is Stvptrsn's Rig

MlbrottarN's RIG

Jayte's Build

GAMERIG: UnderWater Blue

rfJunkie: Prototype Test Unit

FerosiousWill's nice H-50 Cooled Rig

XX-Sunny-XX Video

Rockr69 Vista-Rocker is Old school P4 AGP 3850

FerociousWills Build: 09 Scout

QuantumReality: AMD Flagship

coreyL: p55 System

985323's New System

michaeljr1186: Fraternal Twins

Very Nice Vanilla Case. Only One CC on the Floor

AmBiGuOuS Rig

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Tips and Tricks for your CM Storm Scout

Building Basics
Wire Management Secrets

So Easy A Caveman Could Do It.

Spray Painting Desert Camo.

It would be a good Idea to purchase one of these when you are planning your build, Just in Case.
Run your CPU wire under the motherboard before installing the board. It is really a neat trick and makes an Even Neater Build.


Kev_b says that making a cutout on your top Blow Hole fan, can cut wind resistance and allow the fan to run more efficiently.

A Martini Glass was used as a Template for these holes.

First things first. Wire Management. Here is our Chart as composed by K10 Brigadier General

Originally Posted by AyeYo View Post
So... uh... how do I remove this top panel without breaking it?
Remove front panel. disconnect all wiring that goes to the top panel. Remove optical drive and anything in the 5.25" bays. Remove two front screws of top panel (in the top corners behind front panel). Remove the top fan and the remaining two screws in the rear top of the top panel. Reaching in through the 5.25" bay gently pull some slack in the wiring. This may require some force, just use caution. When you have enough slack, start to pull up on the top panel. At first it will seem like it's still connected, but it is not. Firm and gentle force will cause it come away from the case. Snake out the wiring and voila! You have done it! Good Luck!

MeatloafOverdose came up with this handi wire mod
Warning... The side window is made of perspex or Plexiglas as we call it here in the States. This material will fade or frost over if you use Windex or any other ammonia based Cleaners on it.

Ha Bill Owen just made a nice pop rivet guide, wasn't someone just asking about that?

Cable Crimping and Sleeving Solutions

The Place to go for the Best in Sleeving and Cable Management Guru's

Best Made Sleeving tool for Cheap!!!

Top Quality Sleeving

Check the difference in Quality.
Clean Cut is on the Left/ PET sleeving is on the right. See the difference.

For the very best in quality Sleeving go with this guy from eBay.

For Cleaning Use:

First of all get a empty clean Spray bottle then one teaspoon of Dawn dish washing liquid and fill the rest of the bottle with clean tap water for cleaning. This will clean it so well that it will not attract dust as much. It cleans down to the Bone.

Originally Posted by Rockr69 View Post
Hey everyone, I was checking out page 1 and I saw the how to clean the window tip, and Dawn dish soap is an excellent choice, but if you want that super clean look and anti-static property to repel dust may I suggest Pledge furniture polish. I use it on all my electronics and the results are phenomenal. Also if you get small scratches in the surface from cleaning your window or other clear plastics (I recommend using a micro-fiber cloth) you can get some Meguiar's clear plastic polish and a Mothers mini powerball from Napa or your favorite auto parts store. Pop the mini into a cordless drill, put some Meguiar's on the ball (careful when spinning up so it doesn't sling all over) and buff those scratches right out. It works great and is good for reclaiming scratched cds and dvds. Give it a try and you'll see.

Where did I learn the pledge trick? From the the US Air Force. That's how they keep those fighter jet canopies so clear and clean and if it's good enough for them, it should to be good enough for me. Happy Cleaning!

On my case I cut the wires to the light switch, I think I came up with a good use for it since it isn't doing anything right now, I'll have to figure out how to make it a Clear CMOS switch, not that I would use it much.
I have the 140mm fan that came with it mounted onto the 5.25" to 3.5" bay adapter as the holes on it are perfect. So I still use that fan. The intake from it is especially useful in keeping the CPU cool . Orange xiggy fans ftw
Why do you want IFX? I recall Megahalems performing better.

I'd recommend the Mugen 2 as well. Performs better than an unlapped TRUE. Problem with cable management though. If you want to hide the 4/8 pin motherboard power connector with the mugen 2, you need to.........

1. Run the wire through the CPU HSF retention bracket hole
2. Remove the top fan
3. Put the motherboard in without the CPU HSF on
4. Put the top fan on while pushing it a lot to move the 4/8pin power out of the way
5. Put the CPU HSF on...but since this thing is hard to mount, you'll need a partner to hold it while you screw it in.
Looks like the CoolerMaster V8 just barely fits in the case.
The V-8 may be a bit on the large size but it sure goes with this case well.
Dear Minorthreat.
Next time, paint with satin paint and it will look factory. You won't believe it. Gloss is really hard to work with and tells on you every time.
Members Intel:
Recent Intel has determined that the 4870x2 and the GTX 285 will fit in this case.
Really liking this case apart from being a bit cramped at the top (if you have a HSF) and will really squish a GTX275 (about 1cm to spare?)
Just use non-90 degree SATA cables and it'll work fine. Mine do. There's 11.5" for video cards to fit in so I'm sure GTX275 will fit. Any more questions?
Thanks.. I've found some way to hide the cables, I put some unused cables above the front fan.. It's a quite nice place to hide cables for the one who use non-modular PSU..
Mohunky Says this about Side panel wires.
I Think the trick is to make sure your molex's sit flat again the surface, none of the wires should cross (making high points) and use that bit of the side panel that dents out. Theres a nice chunk of space next to the 5.25" bays too where my second set of molex connectors are.

Video Cards
That We Know Fit So Far.

XFX AMD 6870 Black Edition fit just right with room to spare..


These are a pair of 4890s in crossfire.

This is a 4870

This is a 260 Max 55

Big 111 put a Big 4870X2 in his case.

Big111 also created his own V10 by adding a 140mm fan on top on the memory.

It fits. its tight, but it does fit. Around 1mm of space left, no kidding. And it does not go into the drive bays as some might think. Also i could, as i said, fit two of those in there.
Originally Posted by QWaF View Post
Thought i would drop in to show you guys my new scout setup. The Stock intel cooler will be replaced soon, don't about that
These are Two 5850s in crossfire.
BriSleep has shown that the 5890 will fit without Modifications. Maybe just a little bend here and there but it works.

So what about the extra long 5870 series. Can you fit them in the Scout?
The answer is Yes.. And No.. You need to do some modding first.
Check out the Drive bay removal and Drive mod.

Frequently Asked Questions.

TherealFoz Asks?
Hey.. does anyone have experience or tips re: replacing stock cooling on a GPU?
My Radeon 4890's fan is freakin' loud. Loudest fan in the case by a big margin.

Answer: From Enigma8750:

Its not hard.

1. The first thing you do is consult the Great YouTUBE.
2. set card upside down on a thick terry cloth towel
3. Take a small screw driver and take out all the screws holding down the cooling unit.
4 Carefully take off cooling unit unplugging the electrical plugin that is on the board
5. Gently twist the cooling unit from the Board with a slow and easy back and forth movement
6. Use Alcohol and a cotton swab and clean off the cooling compound from the top of processors and or memory
7. Install any copper memory cooling chunks that come with the kit or that is bought seperately.
8. Install new cooling compond on all the areas that you cleaned and then a little on the new cooling unit make only a small 1 micron thick coating on each area.
9. Plug in new fan wire to the board.
10 Line up the new cooler to the board installing screws from the inside middle.... out.
in a circular fashion.
Replace board to the MOBO and Pray 1 Our Father and 1 hail Mary and then power on.
11. If nothing exploded you did well.. enjoy the solitude of your new cooler.

1. What do you think about this or the antec 902?
Both of these case have their good and bad side. the 902 is probably better wind machine and also dust collector. you should see my son's 900. You have to wipe the front every week.

2. Will i be able to upgrade as i go on with this case? ( I hope graphics cards dont get bigger)
I just got intel in today about the EVGA 285 fit with 1 mm to spare. Im not gonna lie this is a tight case. But they fit and a 4870 X 2 fits as long as the power connections are not on the very end. Then you have a problem.

3. Is it possible to add to more red led side fans and connect them to the button that switches the leds off?
Yes it is possible but its going to require that you buy the dual line CM fans. Otherwise your gonna have to add another switch on the back. The perfect place is right under the handle of the side panel. There is a pilot hole there already and I fit a cold cathode switch into there and it works great and its easy to get to.
So there is a wire that comes down from the light switch button. And the led fans connect to this wire. So they need seperate wire for led and not combined with the power right?. Also is there any free connectors on the wire from the button, so you can it can control the extra led fans.
Answer: You must wire in your other fans because the plug is only for the onboard fans only.
Originally Posted by Seven9st surfer & Enigma8750 View Post

Notice that the RIGHT side of the Terminal feeds the power each circuit on the LEFT. Now The BLACK wire is NEGATIVE and the YELLOW wire is the 12 V +

YouTube- Terminal Block Installation Guide (Part 1 of 5)

With this solution you use a terminal Block with the power wire of each unit that you want to control and let the one switch control them all.
If you plan on hooking up more LEDs to your Control Panel Switch. Use this Wiring diagram.

A perfect wiring job.. use this for reference.

Window Removal:

The plastic rivets are slightly mushroomed at the end. You could possibly push them out from the back to front and then once 1/2 of them are out You would be able to just pull the rest out by pulling slightly on the windows.
If your careful you might be able to save the rivets for the next window but I would bet that at least one would break.
PS. IF you want to drill them out that will work but drill from the front to the back. and only drill enough to remove the head and then stop. But it should not be nessesary. Actually a very small pair of needle nose pliers would do the trick.

K10: Answer. I took out some of my plastic "rivets" last night. They were easy to take out and put back in. I actually don't think you'd break em if you took em out but maybe I was just too gentle.
Seven9st surfer:
seven9st surfer: DKev Window Replacement
Originally Posted by dkev View Post
Ok, so I replaced the stock window. And in the process ended up cracking it. Sooo, this time I bought plexi that is twice as thick and tried again.
Originally Posted by seven9st surfer View Post
alright, for anyone who's interested, here is the quick log for my window mod.

First off, here's the back of the plastic rivets holding the window on

They were incredibly easy to remove and replace. You just have to push down the center, and it de-mushrooms, and pops right out. I used a screwdriver

Then I traced out the pattern on 1/8" acrylic from Home Depot

Gotta be careful to drill slowly. I got going a bit fast, and here's the result. Luckily, its small enough to where the lip of the window hides most of the crack

I want one of those break away fan connector on the side of that thermaltake. I bet you could buy it in their accessories thread on their site. I also Thought the same thing Path. They stole from the 560, the Storm Sniper and the Storm Scout and I love the fact that you can change the LED colors on the fly. the cable routing clips were also really neato. But If I bought that case I would have to mod it. Its too plain and lacks the charisma that the Storm has.. But that is my opinion.

Also Surfer, You can put all the pictures you want on this thread. That is what it is for. Thank for the intel on the new window and I like the clear. I thought about it. You are in Florida. I know there is a tint shop somewhere in town. Take out your window and clean it by hand with Dawn Dish washing liquid and water until all the dust is gone and then take it over to one of the tint shops in the area. Tell him you are entering the case in a competition and you may get a tinting for free if you say that you will put his name on your Thank you list. There is a Gold tint that used to be really popular but no one asks for it anymore. Tell him you want that.. Last time I did that the guy gave me 6 feet of it for free and it works great. I am still using it.
Tricks and Cool Tips

PhotoMoo says:

Cover up your privates. Great idea for hiding your drives and PSU

reveals another coverup.
Kevb Shows us the Classy Cover UP

Baldo 1013 used a part off an old VCR to cover the hard drives.

Seven9st Surfer: Builds a false floor in his Scout.
Originally Posted by seven9st surfer View Post
After seeing 88EVGAFTW's PSU hider HERE, I decided to re-do mine. I wasn't happy with the Plasti-Dip on cardboard look that my last one gave me. Also, I think the seams were a little obvious.

So, I went to Home Depot, got a cheap piece of sheet metal, and made a new one. I used a Dremel with reinforced cutting wheel to get the shape, and a few scrap pieces of wood, clamps and a hammer to get the bend. Then came a few coats of Plasti-Dip.

I'm very pleased with this one, a lot more so than my last.

Seven9st Surfer: Shows how to get those fans connected the right way.

[quote][QUOTE=seven9st surfer;6725005]I was wondering about the terminal block mods I had seen before in this thread. After watching tjharlow's videos on youtube, I went out to Home Depot to get supplies, and I finished in like an hour. I've got all 3 fans from the case running off the block, and it works great! It was easier than I though. The rest of the cables are still a mess because I'm waiting till my sleeving gets here, then the whole thing will be done right.

Let look at the three different reasons that noise occurs.

1. Vibration from the mechanism.

2. Air flow itself.

3. Vents from the front plastic itself can cause turbulence wind noise.
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I'll join the club.
I do love this case, it really keeps my temps low, there's only 1 mod I have to do one of these days and that's the window because of dust.
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More Cases from our Members

gwpjr: Glock Shock

Game oveR


DKev's shots

imho73p's EVGA Shot

Photo by ambiguous

Photonmoo's Glowing Liquid Cooling Collage

Here Comes the ROOSTER!!!

grasshopper1g's Rig Video

BriSleep's i7 5870

Dkev's Fan Stack

Xquisit. Thats all. XXXquisit


Flipd's Xynapse Rig.. That is a 5870 in there.

Pictures by AyeYo

Seven9st Surfer's Play STATION

Rockr69's Build

This picture looks like an industral Furnace.. Awesome Build Rocker.

MaxBlast_NL's Build

baldo_1013's Clean Build with Cool hard drive cover

The ronin's Eagle One

linkin93's Sharp rig.

ROM3000.. Lights in the Key of Green.

imh073p's : DeathStar

AmBiGuOuSz: My System

Baldo 1013 : AmKulet

And then Baldo 1013 Takes it another step....

Diabolical999 with his Hominis Nocturna

GTR Mclaren and His System

Shiggins Virtual CM Storm Scout

Gen Brisleep's Wife's Rig

GoodInk's Awesome Wicked Build

Mr-Charles with his Scout Seal Edition

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Originally Posted by Enigma8750 View Post
Kev B.. that is a beautiful build. I like the Xigmatek Fan on the side and the Cooler Master V8.. That cooler is not just a pretty face.. She can cool down the Hottest CPUs. Question.. You have 3 hard drives. Are you doing Raid 0 on two of them or are you like me and just need a lot of space and backup.
I doubt I could even figure out how to do a raid, just storage with plenty of space to spare.
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Navy Cross
Distinguished Service Metal
Joint Services Ribbon
Longevity Service Award

kev b
Superior Service Metal
Distinguished Service Medal
Joint Services Commendation Ribbon
Longevity Service Award
Marine Good Conduct Medal


Distinguished Service Medal
Humanitarian Service Ribbon
Marine Good Conduct Medal
Distinguished Intelligence Award

Meritorious Service Medal
Marksmanship ribbon for OCN Top Air Overclock of 550 BE @ 4.118 Ghz.

Marksmanship Award Overclocking be 550 to 3.708 Ghz. and Unlocking 2 hidden cores

Distinguished Service Medal
Marksmanship Award for Unlock of the AMD 710 Tri core to Quad core
Combat Action Ribbon for Gallantry in the face of Enemy Attack

Outstanding Scout of the Year Award

Treacherous Intellect

Marine Good Conduct Medal
NAVAL E Ribbon: Battle efficiency competition, to members of ships, squadrons or units.

Marine Good Conduct Medal
Combat Readiness Award: "Accomplished sustained individual combat mission readiness or undertaken the preparedness for direct weapon-system employment"

imh073p: Code Name Nitro
Marine Good Conduct Metal
Humanitarian Service Ribbon
Marine Corps Achievement Ribbon

Marine Good Conduct Metal
Humanitarian Service Ribbon
Marine Corps Achievement Ribbon

Marine Good Conduct Metal
Humanitarian Service Ribbon
Marine Corps Achievement Ribbon


Marine Achievement Medal


Marine Achievement Medal


Marine Achievement Medal

Other awards and commendations can be found on the Page 2 of this thread.

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[center][url="https://www.overclock.net/computer-cases/525009-official-cm-storm-scout-club.html"][color="Red"]:gunner:The Official CM Storm Scout Club:gunner:[/color][/url][/center] 

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