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Originally Posted by Mattyd893 View Post

Originally Posted by axipher View Post

Here's my update of how I installed the RAD in the Cooler Master 690 II Advanced
RED circles = Stock Corsair H100 screws (2 per shroud)
BLUE circles = 6-32 1 1/2" machine screws with washer and nut's (2 per fan)
YELLOW circles = Regular fan screws (2 per fan)
As you can see there is a little gap between the fans and shrouds and the shrouds just sit right on the BLUE screws that are helping hold the fans on the bottom of the case.

Looks good, link added to OP. Did you compare temps with push pull? Also, how are you controlling the fans?
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Just as an aside for all H-series uses...
I took down my H100 Push/pull (intake) for a clean the other day and the rad was caked in dust. Ive only had it for 6 months.
Conventional fan filters can be hard to obtain or fit, so I grabbed a pair of my wifes old black stocking socks and placed those over the intake fans... works a treat. And the temps went down with out all that dust on the rad.
Even now, after a few days, there is a fine covering of dust on the 'filters'.
Pic of my setup prior to popping the stockings over the fans.
I'd really recommend this tip for all H series owners using an intake configuration thumb.gif
If anyone is interested, I can take a pic of the 'filters' in action when I get home tonight.

I'd really appreciate some more pics of the kinky filters, both for myself and the thread!

Here ya go... in all its glory smile.gif


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