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Holy, this is a sick thread - exactly what I've been looking for!

Does anyone have any experience with an Antec 900 case with scythe gentle typhoons x2 in a push-pull (exhaust) config?

I'm currently running Antec 900 with below stats
- 2 120mm front intake fans
- 1 120mm side intake fan
- 1 200mm top exhaust fan
- 2 120mm push-pull fans for my H60

Idle temps of my i5 2500k @ 4.5GHz at 1.31 Vcore are at 32-40C with max load temps under 65C

I've been reading a lot of posts and everyone has been stating their builds achieving 20-28C idle with max loads under 58C.

My main question would be: If I changed them to push-pull intake, would the 200mm top fan be sufficient enough to draw all the hot air out? (ie 4 intakes and 1 top exhaust)

EDIT: I've just noticed my mobo sensor states my CPU is sitting at 26C, should I believe this or should I continue to read from Core Temp and HWMonitor?

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