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New owner of an H80. I am very impressed with my purchase. Had it for a few weeks and actually went over my expectations. Went from 3.814 Ghz at 58C load 45C idle on my Phenom II BE965 and now with H80 I am currently at 4.163 Ghz with 48C load and 34C idle (IBT, Prime95 and FAH stable). Now I have to ask how safe is it to add voltage to my BE965 with H80 as my liquid cooler. My Phenom II seems to like voltage but I have googled and have not been able to find safe voltage standards for H series and Phenom II's. What do you recommend?

P.S. even with success I have had with my H80 the funny story is that the second day after installing it I bought a new case and was transferring my hardware over to the new case and left all of it open in my room with my cat and left for about 5 minutes. Came back to find a leak. after careful examination I found teeth marks in one of my hoses. I don't think I can replace my H80 due to pet disobedience so I did the redneck fix and went around it with electrical tape. I didn't think it was going to work but after a while I stopped the minor link and have seen no evidence of it since. Three weeks later and everything seems to be working fine. No more sign of leaks. I know this was impratical and I am taking a big risk here but will this solution work until I upgrade to an H100 or is there a better solution I can make until then.

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