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Originally Posted by valtopps View Post

well i had a thermalright ulta 120 with a yate loon med. fan worked great on my rig. i decided to try the h60 i have the side case open with the fan blowing into the case im getting the same temps. i think your better off not using a corsair h series there more money, parts that can go bad, leaks and noisier. i really think with the sb cpu there so much cooler then the older cpu like the 775 quads that a good air cooler is all you need. btw my temps where 59-65-63-62 case temp was 21

Actually very few people have experienced leaks with the Corsair H series coolers, and any leaks that have caused damage have been taken care of by Corsair including replacing any damaged hardware. The H series coolers have a 5 year warranty which should tell you something.

Also, I just moved from a socket 775 Core 2 quad to an i5 2500K and I can tell you that the i5 runs WAY hotter than the Core 2 quad ever did (of course it's also running way faster).

I have three hydro coolers here and they all do an excellent job. Of course, considering this is the Hydro club I bet there's hundreds of people here who can tell you how great these coolers are. I don't think they would be so popular if they were as bad as you claim.
Originally Posted by Simonzi View Post

How are the H50's holding up on SandyBridge? I've had my i7 950 under it, but have a i7 2700K coming in, and don't know if the H50 will still be well enough to cool it efficiently, or if I should start looking at a cooler a little stronger.

Your H50 should work fine. Just look at the stock coolers, obviously the H50 kicks them.

Originally Posted by r2yneth View Post

Holy, this is a sick thread - exactly what I've been looking for!

Does anyone have any experience with an Antec 900 case with scythe gentle typhoons x2 in a push-pull (exhaust) config?

I'm currently running Antec 900 with below stats
- 2 120mm front intake fans
- 1 120mm side intake fan
- 1 200mm top exhaust fan
- 2 120mm push-pull fans for my H60

Idle temps of my i5 2500k @ 4.5GHz at 1.31 Vcore are at 32-40C with max load temps under 65C

I've been reading a lot of posts and everyone has been stating their builds achieving 20-28C idle with max loads under 58C.

My main question would be: If I changed them to push-pull intake, would the 200mm top fan be sufficient enough to draw all the hot air out? (ie 4 intakes and 1 top exhaust)

EDIT: I've just noticed my mobo sensor states my CPU is sitting at 26C, should I believe this or should I continue to read from Core Temp and HWMonitor?

My i5 2500K idles at 28c to 34c when it's idle clock is 1600. When under full load using Intel Burn Test (which beats the crap out of the CPU way more than Prime95) and clocked up to 4500 it's running at 73c after a half hour.

While playing Skyrim or BF3 it never goes over 60c. Note I'm not using the stock H100 fans, but a couple of Scythe SS 1900 RPM PWM fans which are not as good.

I think your system is working fine. I would recommend Speed Fan and CPUz for monitoring.


Hey. First let me say I admire your willingness to take responsibility for the leak in your H80. Not many people would do that these days, and most would try to argue with the manufacture or retail outlet to try and get them to replace it. You should email [email protected] and tell him your story. I know they have never included cat-proofing their coolers but since you're being honest about it maybe they would consider giving you a discount on a new one if you shipped your current damaged unit back to Corsair? Couldn't hurt to ask.

Personally, there's no way I would leave a water cooler in my computer knowing there was a leak covered with electrical tape. Gives me shivers just thinking about it. As for upgrading, the H100 and H80 are only one or two degrees c apart from each other. The H80 is an excellent cooler. I usually recommend people pick whichever cooler fits and looks best in their case since their performance is so similar.

Good luck with the leak. Maybe a bit of silicon glue might fix that leak permanently. Or even a dab of epoxy? Actually, after thinking about it, if I was in your position, I would consider cutting the hoses off and replacing them with something else. If you look around you can find mods people have done to the H50 to replace the hoses and refill the cooler. I don't think the H80 would be any different. Since the warranty is likely done now anyway, I don't think you have anything to lose. I would still talk to Corsair about it first though. Perhaps they might have a better suggestion.

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