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Originally Posted by Mergatroid View Post

As for upgrading, the H100 and H80 are only one or two degrees c apart from each other. The H80 is an excellent cooler. I usually recommend people pick whichever cooler fits and looks best in their case since their performance is so similar.

H100 / ASRock Extreme4 Gen3 / HAF 922 ... works with very minor modifications!

I would also ad in the recommendation above, to consider the noise/performance ratio. That was the deciding factor for me to go with the H100 over the H80 and it's only $10 more, they perform almost the same but on high loads/settings my buddies H80 is considerably louder than my H100.

See THIS review thumb.gif

My biggest concern was if the H100 would fit in my case without considerable modding. I searched high and low for information on the above combination. No joy anywhere frown.gif The ASRock E4/G3 has fairly tall heatsinks! With the H100 in hand, I intially didn't think it would clear the uppermost heatsink and still be able to use the 120mm fan hole alignment on top? :O It did clear by 3/16ths of an inch smile.gif (see pic). I did have to extend (dremmel) 2 of the mounting holes about a 1/4" to have 6 total mounting screws (not 8) and its plenty secure! These are fairly common/popular components and I thought someone may find this useful! smile.gif

I've owned many heatsinks over the years including the epic Noctua D-14, and I'm more than pleased with the H100's performance so far, and what a plus being able to easily get to my ram with no effort at all. Against Corsairs recomendations of an "Intake" configuration, I installed it in an "exhaust" config (physics!), a "bastardized" push/pull config using my old CM200mm fan to "pull" mounted externally on top of the case. It works so well that on the H100's lowest setting, the highest load temp I saw was 55c after a couple hours of P95, running @ 4.6ghz in a, granted, very cool 60F room! The H100 "High" setting seemed to only make a 4-5c difference because I think it needs higher loads/temps to really kick in? Hopefully that will change today when I actually turn the Ambient heat up tongue.gif

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