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Originally Posted by Mergatroid View Post

Hey. First let me say I admire your willingness to take responsibility for the leak in your H80. Not many people would do that these days, and most would try to argue with the manufacture or retail outlet to try and get them to replace it. You should email [email protected] and tell him your story. I know they have never included cat-proofing their coolers but since you're being honest about it maybe they would consider giving you a discount on a new one if you shipped your current damaged unit back to Corsair? Couldn't hurt to ask.
Personally, there's no way I would leave a water cooler in my computer knowing there was a leak covered with electrical tape. Gives me shivers just thinking about it. As for upgrading, the H100 and H80 are only one or two degrees c apart from each other. The H80 is an excellent cooler. I usually recommend people pick whichever cooler fits and looks best in their case since their performance is so similar.
Good luck with the leak. Maybe a bit of silicon glue might fix that leak permanently. Or even a dab of epoxy? Actually, after thinking about it, if I was in your position, I would consider cutting the hoses off and replacing them with something else. If you look around you can find mods people have done to the H50 to replace the hoses and refill the cooler. I don't think the H80 would be any different. Since the warranty is likely done now anyway, I don't think you have anything to lose. I would still talk to Corsair about it first though. Perhaps they might have a better suggestion.

Thank you for your response Mergatroid. I will send an email to yellowbeard as soon as I can though I don't know if there is much he can do. Like you said, couldn't hurt to ask. IDK if my new case, CM 960 II Advanced, would allow me the room to do it but if I can get the H100 in push/pull would it still be only a couple C's difference. I have read so far in other threads that in order to push/pull an H100 I would have to put the top fans on top of my case and take the top off. I don't really want to do that so I am going to do more research to be sure, if it all fits inside and the C's make a big difference in push/pull I would pay the few extra dollars for the H100 and add the H80 fans in the configuration. I will do some of that research in modifying my H80 and refitting new hoses but I was never comfortable making my own liquid cooling kit. I always felt it was something I would get wrong and get definite leaks in my case. One of the reasons I went with closed loop. Though I understand if I stuck with the H80 with my taped fix it just as well could do the same damage.

IDK if this is the right thread but I feel this question is directly related to the H series coolers. How safe is it to add voltage to my BE965 with H80 as my liquid cooler. Or any AMD processor for that matter. I have read mixed opinions on this but I am currently at 46C load and stable folding among other things and they advise the temp max on a BE965 should be 62C. My Vcore is currently at 1.600V and they suggest air cooling should stop at 1.550V. If I have so much room in temps with H80 as my water cooler do i have that much room left on my Vcore? Anyone?

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