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Opens VM for Windows...

Yeah, sorry I didn't reply last night, spent that time re-acclimatising myself to the coding, RegExp and setting up HFM (most of my time was spent looking for summary.html before leaising I had to tell it to make a webpage etc etc)

Your RegExp seems to be different between you last and latest postings. Did you always have the latest RegExp in your code? Your original one didn't work for me and I was faffing with that!

I will have a look, alter a few things (find it easiest to find things by altering code and seeing what it changed in the skin) and get back to you on it...

I think the easiest thing for me to do would be to alter the code to make it work for me, change the location variables back to how you had them and make notes as to what I have done where... Such as changing the underline to a seperator, allowing you to specify the length in pixels rather than using the underscore. As it is though, getting rid of the Antialias=1 line gets rid of the gaps but makes it solid white.

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