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I would argue that he [pioneerisloud] is not as knowledgeable as many here and himself think he is. He's good at talking about overpriced boutique speakers and big watts without much regard as to how much is necessary or even useful. I wonder how much money has been wasted on account of his advice.

Accurate sound reproduction in a car IS NOT POSSIBLE PERIOD. There are so many things about a car environment that make accuracy impossible that there is absolutely no excuse to throw an unnecessary pile of money at it unless you are in some sort of SPL competition where there is money or booty to be earned. Beyond that you are kidding yourself if you think these expensive boutique speakers are going to do anything to lower distortion or improve linearity over many alternatives at a fraction of the price. The vast majority of boutique car speakers are far from flat to begin with, and will require equalization to taste or to suit the vehicle environment and speaker placement anyways. One you have to EQ a speaker, then it doesn't matter what response you buy, because you're just going to adjust it anyways. The only important factors here are that the driver be at least well enough made to have some respectable sensitivity, reasonably low non-linear distortion, and built from materials that will hold up to the rigors of temperature swings, sunlight, and moisture. Beyond that, you're being duped.

Set some practical limits. More than ~$25-35 per speaker is probably going to be pointless. A dedicated amplifier for these speakers is really dependent on how loud you want to be able to listen without distortion, most car decks will allow you to listen at appropriate levels (those that are not endangering yourself and others on the roadway by impairing your ability to hear emergency vehicles) without detectable distortion over the road noise. If you want to listen at irresponsible levels and endanger others, then you'll probably want a separate amp.

I'd suggest these: [ http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=269-184 ] <~$25 per speaker, good sensitivity, well respected brand known for good build quality and innovation. Less than half or less the price of boutique snake oil (FYI: at their normal price these would be in the over-priced snake oil category, but the buyout special changes things smile.gif ).

I don't see a problem with the renegade subs. They are exactly the kind of trash I recommend putting in a car, so that when it gets stolen or damaged in an accident you haven't lost much smile.gif Just realize, that just like most of the other cheap speakers that I would recommend for a car, the wattage ratings of the whole market down there are pretty much completely made up out of thin air. Pioneerisloud has implied that they are "peak" ratings and to be honest, I wouldn't even go so far as to give this stuff that much credit. The 12" renegade drivers are rated "300W RMS" but I can pretty well guarantee that if you drive 300W into them, you are going to smoke-n-smash coils. Don't worry about the wattage here. Chances are you're thumping along at more like 1-50W per sub, be thankful of the fact that you bought low-throw drivers with under-sized motor structures. The high Q high impedance peak configuration will keep the strain on the alternator down smile.gif


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