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Originally Posted by _GTech View Post

I sometimes click on a New's Thread's Title to go the actual thread, but sometimes it will put on me on a random page in that thread for absolutely no reason... (truth)

Would you please format your post as instructed in the 'sticky' area of the forum? I know it seems likd a lot of bother, but it really does help to have things structured.

And while I'm here, I'll expand on the issue too., as I've experienced it. Clicking on the link on the homepage takes you to the first unread post, not the first post. So on a 5 page news thread, if you open the thread, it marks that page - not the whole thread - as 'read'. If you open it again, the first unread is now post 1 on page 2.

Also, old posts are marked read after a while automatically. It was 1 week IIRC on vB, but we have no read/unread icon on Huddler, I don't know if it's still that long. But it might explain why you are sent mid-thread the first time you click the link; the first post is oldeq than that timeframe.

What should happen is that the link takes you to the thread itself, not any specific post.

In addition, I'd like to see a button - perhaps in the form of the small flames we had on old OCN - which gives the option to go the fist unread post, which would be used to catch up on a news thread you were previously following. But suggestions are for a later date. tongue.gif

PS, I was on the phone for that, so excuse the typos...
Originally Posted by StormX2 View Post

every time someone links me to newegg the imbedded link is different than the actual link =/

But other people dont seem to have this issue so ive been confused.

It might be an uncommon issue, but you're probably not the only person experienaing it. The best course of ation is to create a new report thread and let other users chime in too. And don't forget to follow the report format. wink.gif

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