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Update: I just tested this now, and instead of promting you to send a join request, the thread allows you to reply, but then you get a "Server error" message when you try to submit. However, I don't recall seeing any release notes that mentioned updates to the Groups, so I think this is a new error, in addition to the one posted below.





Yes, tested multiple times in the sandbox, and then just after launch.


Repro Steps:

In a "closed group" (a group which requires an invitiation or an accepted join request for a member to be able to reply to thread), a non-approved member can view all threads, but isn't allowed to reply. When they try to, there is a popup that informs them they must be a member of the group. It then gives the option of sending a join request to the group admin through PM. On clicking "send", you're given confirmation that the PM was sent.


However, no PM reaches the group admin.



A "Can I join your group" PM should have been sent to the group admin (in this case, me).


Or, alternatively, there should be no "Reply" button (as if they were logged out), and they should instead have to manually PM the group admin to join up.



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