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Originally Posted by I Whip My Hair View Post

Once I get my SSD I will post benchmarks on my HDD with Windows 7 vs. Windows 8 ^__^

I just tried that on a laptop with win7 and 8 dual boot. The answers are not pretty!!! SAME WEI score for both! When I put in my SSD for my PC the only change in score was the disk transfer rate. Huh?

Oh and as a pros and cons thing for win 8;

Dont like the start screen it is messy and very basic looking, can this be user customised to include a theme of icons?
IE9 is absolutely foul looking again basic and I cant get my nav bar at the top, I hate it at the bottom!
I like the little screen blind with the time on when you're not logged on however, it's not really functional.
Going to have a play and see how well it customises I'll try icon packager and see what I can dig up and post a pic of my win7 deskto V's win8

Cant change the colour, size or theme backgreound or virtualy anything on the metro interface it is shat!! windows 8 is the same as 7 without it and logging in on msn and all that crap is something i would hate!! cant even be bothered to punctuate this as windows 8 is soooo lame the end

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