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Originally Posted by txtrkandy View Post

Well Virginia people are really from everywhere haha, I was orginally from the great state of Texas, and always will be Texan!! biggrin.gif

My mom and step dad live in Texas thumb.gif
Originally Posted by RonindeBeatrice View Post

Odd, you haven't visited the club thinking.gif
Hooters day? Hooters day.

you know, the place they have sub-par wings and depending on the location....sub-par ladies with big h00ters tongue.gif
Originally Posted by Mike2Far View Post

Pretty good job. I'm gonna watch this from very close. I'm making nearly the same watercooling.

Thanks man! These rads are really well built and add a significant amount of weight, empty. But with slight mods, you can make them work. thumb.gif
Originally Posted by jeffblute View Post

It seems I have seen this setup some where before, Hmm (Looks at his own sig) biggrin.gif
Amazing job here man, keep up the good work !

Thanks Man! We have almost Identical rigs. biggrin.gif
Originally Posted by nickbaldwin86 View Post

And it was fun putting a 420 and 280 in my 700D but that had a lot more room.

Im not to familiar with that case, but I'd def like to do a build in one. Maybe one of my OTHER friends will get that case? wheee.gif
Originally Posted by thegage View Post

Man i cant wait to see the rest of this lol thinking about getting the same rad up top and mounting a t virus and swiftech mp655 in my 810 its just to plain for me now. but what color to go with hmm idk
Originally Posted by thegage View Post

So any beefy 420 rads that do fit in the holes correctly that are 60mm

Sweet man! Post those pics when you can! I dont know of any other 420 60mm radiators that will properly line up with the case holes, as I've only had experience with the Phobya rad. But Iggg was able to mount a Black Ice GT Stealth with no modifications. Also, I checked out the Black Ice GT Xtreme (which is 60mm) has the same measurements as the GT Stealth rad, only thicker. I would think since both rads are identically the same, (minus the thickness) you can mount the GT Xtreme with no modifications. thinking.gif

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