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Originally Posted by Rasparthe View Post

The reason that the Bartons are beating your chip doesn't have anything to do with the speed of your chip. Getting another chip isn't going to improve your score any. The TNT card is limited by the GPU itself, it isn't taking advantage of even the Bartons chip, your better Conroe chip won't improve it any. Those benches have everything to do with how well you overclock the GPU and tweaks and drivers. The CPU is almost irrelevant until you get into the more modern AGPs.

But... Does that 20 extra MHz on the memory really mean 500 points over a 1500 point total?

That's what bothers me.

On the Radeon 7000, there's people shooting at 4000 3DMarks while I struggle to reach 2000! And they're running at slower GPU clocks than I do eek.gif

Updated DirectX and got a 200 point bonus in 3DMark01, I'm currently upgrading framework, searching for possible patches, or whatever I can to boost this, because something seems really odd!

Anyway, will run a series of benches on the Radeon 7000 (the most fun to run of all the cards I've got thumb.gif) and post them, to use them as a reference for when I optimize the thing biggrin.gif

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