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Originally Posted by |-Goku-| View Post

What size tubing are you using? smile.gif

7/16"ID 5/8" OD with 3/32" Wall
Originally Posted by Noob_with_Tools View Post

Loveeee your system!!! this is the case what i was dreaming to find biggrin.gif for my radiator biggrin.gif, but i have see the pic of your pump!! if it is the old fashion xsPC pump i am shure you will need to add other one to reach a good lvl in liter per H biggrin.gif
loveee your system biggrin.gif

Thanks, the case is great to work with. Lots of room and very accommodating for water-cooling. The pump is an x20 750 from xspc. It's not the best pump on the market, but it'll get the job done. The x20 750 pump is comparable to an a Alphacool VPP655 on setting 3, which would moves roughly around 750 lph. I'm currently using this pump in my system which has three blocks, an RX360 and RX120, and it does the job. There will be upgraded to the pump/res later down the road. thumb.gif
Originally Posted by thegage View Post

Yep deff gonna have to do some pics got the frozen q double bay red helix order with the 420 g changer rad mcp655pump red tubing and the apogee hd block for my 2500k well see where this goes for water cooling my 448 cores with the 480 waterblocks and myabe squeeze in a 240 or 280 rad on the bottom

stick a 280 on the bottom! biggrin.gif Should be a clean build. Hopefully my pics will help you out with clearance for the top 420 rad. What kind of 480 water block will you be using? I've seen two so far, a danger den block and an xspc block.

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