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Yeah, I stripped it to bare minimums. Among things I left, Internet Explorer and .NET framework, .NET for the Driver Sweeper, which I constantly use to wipe drivers.

The XP SP2 home CD ended up weighing at 300MB tongue.gif

Maybe I could've stripped more, but I didn't touch where I didn't know.

On the 7000 I'm using Omegas based on Catalyst 6.11, the ones that give the best performance so far.

I've found that my card has a *terrible* clocking memory, topping at 209MHz with stock volts. I can run 216MHz with artifacts all the way, boosting results by 180 3DMarks. If scaling is linear, at 240MHz I should get around 800 3DMarks more, which is very respectable, but I'd still be running a good 1k points below top performers.

The core on the other hand does very good, clocking at 320MHz.

Right now I'm with the TNT2 M64, fiddling with settings and so. At 180/180 I top at 1.5K marks with Forceware 71.92 (older releases give worse performance).

Edit: Changing the order to CH-LH-DH-LL-DL-CL yielded exactly the same performance. wth.gif Uploading screenshot in a second.

There we go. Sorry for being this late frown.gif


I've managed to run memory up to 186MHz, with an additional fan blowing at the back of the card.

By the way, I run LOD at +3. It boosts scores at around 100 points over LOD at 0.

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