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Originally Posted by mironccr345 View Post

Update time! I've been waiting on the owner to find the rest of his PSU cables, took him a couple days to find in his storage unit, but he found it. biggrin.gif
I don't know where I'm gonna mount this? In the back of the mobo tray or somewhere visible?
16GB of awesomeness!
I have the GPU and the 24 pin power cables installed. I mixed the orientation of PCI-E Extensions to get a feel of what would look better.....red/black or black/red?? thinking.gif
I'll be using the G-VANS FC Touch for all the fans in the case. It looks identical to the Lamptron FC. I'll let you know how it compairs to the Lamptron controller, as I've installed it in a white RV02 build I did for a friend.
Leak tested for 24hrs, maybe even longer cause I actually for got the pump was still on doh.gif...But it's leak free! Snorkle.gif
I need to get the build finished this Sunday because i'll be moving into a new house next weekend. All I have to do is rout the cables, add the dye, do some hardcore cable management, format his 1TB or 2TB HDD and install the OS. I might do a slight modification.....wont tell you what it is yet as im not sure it's going to happen. biggrin.gif

Doing work bro biggrin.gif Get it done! thumb.gif

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