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Originally Posted by Noob_with_Tools View Post

Hey don't forget to see you temp with vcore 1 and vcore 2 or put a fan over the mobo headsink since there is no air moving so you wont' get a high temp on those chores. biggrin.gif, the sad new it does not look well :.( but you temp good down really fast just think about overclock.

A 140mm fan that's attached to the HDD cage is positioned to blow air onto the mobo/vrm heatsinks. Check out the other pics and you'll see what Im talking about. I am aware of the vrm's threshold for heat, as im running the same mobo. The vrms will be fine as long as it stays under 80c. I'll be overclocking the FX8120 to 4.4GHz-4.5GHz, and im sure the VRM's temps will stay Well below 80c. As far as the sad news, I don't know what your referring to? thinking.gif

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