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I'm also not having any success changing any values in regedit.

I'm currently using an ASUS G53SX with Windows 7 and the version of the Realtek driver I'm using is V6.0.1.6334

As Eliah stated, no Pins show up in my regedit due to what I assume is some recent update to the driver. This is how mine looks:


I've tried adding a variety of pins using the data "02 00 00 00" and "04 00 00 00" and none of them work.

The last time I recall having access to jack retasking was both on a desktop and laptop that initially came with Windows Vista/7 on them but I had reformatted and installed Windows XP on both of them.

It seems that the GUI of the Realtek settings is vastly different on XP than it is from its Vista/7 counterpart - even if the same version of the driver is installed on either operating system.

I have never been able to gain access to jack retasking in the Vista/7 GUI - this one (this is a screenshot of the GUI from my own computer):


But I've always been able to do it in the XP GUI - this one (just a picture from Google but it's the same way it has always looked to me on XP):


Is there any way as far as anyone knows to force an install of the XP version/GUI?

Or perhaps something else can be done in besides changing/adding Pins and binary data in regedit to get retasking to work.

I'm also curious if my case is more complex because of my laptop. You'll notice in the image I posted of my Realtek GUI that my 2 jacks are both black instead of coloured like everyone elses seem to be. I'd just like to state that the laptop itself does in fact have 2 real physical jacks, both are actually coloured/painted black, but 1 has a headphone icon engraved over it, and the other has a mic icon engraved over it.
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