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First of all.. this is gonna take some steps. Read carefully every step and try to gather more infos thru the web to understand what you are doing.
I take no response for damaging drivers, your OS or devices! Nevertheless i think its a very rare possibility and i did not hear/read in the last time of somebody who killed his monitor. you need FW 275.33 or higher and a Nvidia card.

I tried this on my 42" inch LG 60hz FULL-HD TV ( 1.920 x 1.080 ) and my 22" inch Samsung2243BW (1.680 x 1.050) and i was able to double the resolution. here...

I´ve made this Guide with a 60Hz monitor, of course with faster monitors you will have more Hz!

Also important: You dont need to mod the driver of your monitor in every case. First try how far
you can get with the original monitor.inf / driver.. if you are disappointed and want greater resolutions
then go ahead and mod the driver! thumb.gif

The more Hz your monitor have, the higher the Hz in the custom resolution will be.
At the moment ive got a 144hz monitor and run 2880 x 1620 still with 100hz!
When using 3D Vision i have set it to 2650 x 1440 still running 120 hz so i still have 60 hz
per eye.. when it is lower you will notice slight fps flickering.

Full-HD-Monitors (16:9, 1.920 x 1.080)

• 2.400 x 1.350 (+25 percent)
• 2.650 x 1440 ( classic 2k resolution)
• 2.880 x 1.620 (+50 percent)
• 3.840 x 2.160 (+100 percent)

16:10-LCDs with a 1.680 x 1.050 resolution

• 2.100 x 1.314 (+25 percent)
• 2.520 x 1.576 (+50 percent)
• 3.360 x 2.100 (+100 percent)

Owner of a 1.920 x 1.200 crystal screen

• 2.400 x 1.500 (+25 percent)
• 2.880 x 1.800 (+50 percent)
• 3.840 x 2.400 (+100 percent)

Even higher resolutions can be possible at the cost of the herzrate, since i´m no expert better browse the internet before blind trying.

First watch this video by MrMonkeyface66 how to create a custom resolution..here´s the seperate link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLPBOvrA1xQ

Important to know when creating a resolution is that when you use one of the above resolutions , you set first the timing to manual.. just the setting nothing else.. then just change the resolution.. look at 2. and then lower the herz amount. i cannot tell you exactly how much lower you shoult set your herz account. i have two 60hz devices and with a 50% resoluton i put 55hz and with a 100% resolution i set 50hz..


so for 100hz devices lower it maybe to 95 or 90?! surf and find out for your specific hardware before messing around.

OK now we made some custom resolutions but they only will work in dx9.. now we need to change the Monitor " driver .inf " to with a modded one that supports our lowered herzrate of my 50 herz for example.. i wasnt sure and set it to 49hz to be safe biggrin.gif
We need three programs:


Phoenix EDID designer

Monitor Asset Manager

Like mentioned, the trick behind this is that you lower the minimum herz rate in the .inf file from 60 herz ( if you have a 60hz device ) under the
needed herzrate of your created custom resolution in the Nvidia control panel..

watch this video made by Dango for the steps:

Now you got the modded inf file on your desktop or where ever you saved it.. now go to the device manager, click your monitor and change the old unmodded driver with the new .inf.... then reboot your computer and tadaaa!! selectable downsampling resolutions in DX10 and DX11!

Note.. this will greatly reduce your performance.. lower AA or some other settings to find your best settings..
here is a little benchmark from pcgameshardware.de

I tried this in AVP3, GTA4, BF3, Arcania, Gothic3, Crysis2, Oblivion, Skyrim, Witcher2, Dragon Age 1+2, NFS-HP(2010), The force unleashed2, Riddick - Dark Athena and X3 Terran conflict.. worked like a charm.

Witcher2 was killing it with ubersampling+downsampling of courcse.. so i just used the downsampling in the howto.. It greatly reduces the bad anti aliasing in DX10/11 on Nvidia cards..
This is especially cool when playing on a 40inch TV... enjoy!

sry for my bad english, if there are questions ask me or use google tongue.gif


# http://www.pcgameshardware.de/aid,817462/Downsampling-Bessere-Grafik-in-jedem-Spiel-auch-in-Crysis-2-Update-mit-Geforce-Treiber-29551/Grafikkarte/Test/
# http://www.forum-3dcenter.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=454129
Sites are in german, so you got to translate them with your browser

some screenshots of COD6,GTA4 and NFS Shift made by OC_burner from PCGH

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