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Originally Posted by subnet View Post

Partly true - the 8 pin CPU, 24 pin ATX and 6+2 pin PCIE connectors are compatible and they are essentially the same as the X series. The 6 pin connectors for molex/sata/etc are not - you will need the 6 pin connectors for the Seasonic PSU.
Edit: Proof:

Just comparing the zoomed in photos on newegg, the cpu or 8 pin on the Seasonic x-850 differs from the Corsair ax850.
I have the Seasonic x-850, and with a magnifier on the plug, I can see the difference between my Seasonic 8 pin and the newegg foto of the Corsair ax850.
Not that its proof, but I see a difference.

But agreed on the peripherals - different sockets/connectors arrangement between the Corsair ax850 and Seasonic x-850 models.

Trying to decide how to go on sleeving - pre-sleeved, pay the man Lutro0 when he's settled/working/comfortable, or .... \shudder/ - d.i.y.

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