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Originally Posted by texinmotion View Post

I came to this forum when searching for others with a Samsung 2494HM display that looked blurred and big or caused severe artifacts when in native resolution - when driven through the HDMI interface (only, i.e. DVI and analog look fine). Looks like I'm not alone!

Well, after stumping both Samsung and Dell (XPS M1330 laptop) tech support, I found that one of the monitor's own menu options (under Setup if you scroll down far enough) is "AV mode." It can be toggled on or off, but seems to come pre-configured as ON for HDMI from the factory! Everything looks great now that it's off.

Interestingly, other people who bought other makes of LCDs were also posting similar complaints about the overscan problem when using HDMI...maybe it's not just Samsung.

Just got mine back from RMA... Completely forgot about this, so many thanks once again!!! thumb.gif

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