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I am having problems getting my rig to run even at stock speeds. The main issue is Stop 101 errors, the last crash was a solid freeze which also happen maybe 30% of the time. I am beyond my expertiese. I really don't care about OC as much as rock solid stable operations. My other machine, a Q6600 runs rock solid, I built this one about a year ago, I've never got it stable.

My machines run 24/7, on this one I run multiple virtual pc's, do development in Visual Studio 2010, and run typical LOB applications. (Quickbooks, Word, Excel, etc...) I game a few times a year, X-Plane or an Old Nascar game. I'd run Prime95 for 14-24 hours without a crash. Then start 5 Virtual PC's and within a short time stop 101. The VPC's were not doing much, all xp or win7 clients connected to remote networks via VPN and sitting there for the most part. Temps during crashes monitored with RealTemp are low. I'm seeing about 8 Gig of ram in use with those VPC's running.

I've replaced a ton of stuff in the past year, Motherboard, Ram, Powersupply, CPU in that order. The most recent addition was the CPU cooler because I could not raise vCore without getting too hot, where I called 90 pucker tight. Shortly before that Intel sent me a replacement CPU, which threw a 101 within 36 hours.

I filled out my Rig, and am running the BIOS settings below. Lately I've been bumping vCore, now that I'm over 4, that pucker tight feeling has started again, and I thought it well time to ask those that know. So what am I doing wrongly?

Thanks for thinking about my issue, it's been a long road.

Here's my BIOS settings

CPU Clock Rate 21
QPI Clock Ratio Auto
Uncore Clock Ratio x16
BCLK Frequency 133
PCI Express MHZ 100
cpu Clock Drive 700mv
cpu Click Skew 0ps
Load-Line Calibration Standard
Vcore 1.4125
QPI/VTT Voltage 1.395
CPU PLL 1.88
PCIE 1.5 Auto
ICH I/O 1.5 Auto
ICH Core 1.2
Dram Voltage 1.66
Dram Termination .75 Auto
Ch-A Data Vref .75 Auto
Ch-B Data Vref .75 Auto
Ch-C Data Vref .75 Auto
Ch-A Address Vref .75 Auto
Ch-B Address Vref .75 Auto
Ch-C Address Vref .75 Auto

System Memory Multiplier 8
Performance Enchance Standard
tRCD 9
tRP 9
tRAS 27
Advanced and Misc Timing Auto

Temps in BIOS 37,35,37,35

Intel Turbo Boost Tech Disabled
CPU Enhanced Halt C1E Disabled
C3/C6/C7 State Support Disabled
CPU ESIT Function Disabled
CPU Multi-Threading Enabled

HPET Support Enabled
HPET Mode 64-Bit Mode

Here's a short verion of my rig

Gigabyte X58A-UD3R(R-2.0) X58 chip is Rev 13, Bios version- FG
i7 - 930 CPU, CPUID= 00106A5, Update Rev=00000011
CPU Cooling - Thermalright HR-02 Macho
12 Gig, 3x4GB Kingston HyperX, KHX1600C9D3K3/12GX
2 Radeon HD5770 - (running 4 monitors)
4 - Seagate 1 TB Drives in RAID10 Array ST31000333AS
2 - Seagate Momentus 500Gig Hybrid drives Mirrored Boot ST95005620AS
OCZ ZX Series 1000 Watt Power Supply (power draw 467 watts running Prime95 torture test, with a RAID rebuild going on)
Enzotech SLF-1 heatsink for ICH10R (note as stock doesn't fit this board)
2 - Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentFan X2 in case
1 - DVD iHAS524

I've replaced the MB, Ram, Powersuply, CPU (rma) and added cooling in my quest.
Some of this was due to either Stop 3b, 7x, and 9f Errors
6 - ocz3P1333LV6GK
700 Watt CoolerMaster 3 Rail HDD

Thanks again,

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