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Thanks, you are more an expert than I at this.

I set my VCore to 1.2000, and memory to 1.500 and am currently running Prime95, showing 11.2 gig in use. I also learned that my temps were incorrect, I had TJ Max set to 100 in RealTemp, in BIOS it was set to 90. Now I like my temps better, that was the cheapest 10° C I've ever spent.

The Memory showed a Profile DDR Voltage at 1.65, the spec sheet seemed to say it would run at 1.5 as long as the clock rate was 1333. (or lower I presume)

So far I've been running the custom test for about 90 minutes, while also doing a little other stuff on the pc. It is set to a 5 minute test cycle.

I'll post back when something happens.

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