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Thanks, it's still running the Prime95 test, I used it throughout the day, but the memory change made Prime95 ate a very noticable part of the machine. I did fire up a VM, but only one. I grabbed Memtest86 today and burned it to CD, I guess if it's still running in the morning, I'll toss that in toward the end of the day. (I sort of need to use the machine)

Good KB, it would seem if it applies to Vista and 2K8 it might apply to 7 too. I'm updating my DirectX, and checking out that DriverScanner, I've not seen it before and need a tool like that. Thanks for the forum links, I will jump over there after testing this thing about. One thing I have is plenty of BSOD files they like

Thanks again for the help, I'm quite happy to have those voltages turned down, I was at the deer in the headlights, what now I thought. After everything I learned / purchased, once I get this rig stable, then I'm going to try to OC it. that ought to be interesting.


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