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I got the same, processor and mobo as yours matt but using a thermalright silver arrow heatsink. So far i am able to get mines stable at 4.4ghz with max temp of 48c (core temp) on full load with prime for 6 hours.
my config:
22.0x200 @ 4.4ghz
CPU V @ 1.5125
LLC set on regular power.
NB HT @ 1.250 (had to bump it up because system would hang)
CPU/NB @ 2200
HT LINK @ 2600

I haven't messed with it for almost 3 months now but since i have a max temp of 48c I'am kind of inclined to pump more out of it.
The LLC settings are kind of confusing though, it mixes in with the voltages a bit. I can get instabilities and extremely high temps with that so I just left it on low. I'm going to play with the LLC and voltages a bit more and see if I can find a good equilibrium. I will have to lower the voltage if I increase LLC though.

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