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Originally Posted by TheJesus View Post

So, your avatar? biggrin.gif
I'm not really sure what else to suggest :/
Pretty much biggrin.gif
I know there's really nothing you can do. I thank you for your help! biggrin.gif
Originally Posted by hill01 View Post

Well, TriXX does something different to my card. When left to its own the card reduces gpu voltage in idle mode when it clocks down. However when I set gpu voltage with TriXX, the voltage always remains at its maximum set value.

So ASUS responded to me:
Dear valued customer,
Thank you for contacting ASUS customer Service.
This is a safe value to protect the card. If you want higher voltage, you should use other tools. Please note, if you this and damage this card, it will void your warranty.
I don't even know how to react to that. And yes, those grammatical mistakes really were there. "Use other tools"? They promote GPU tweak all over the box!

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