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Originally Posted by darksen View Post

Nice!! haha, what timing right?
I have asrock z77 extreme4 with 3570k, want to see if there are any tips and tricks to OC.
Currently at 4.5ghz LLC lv1 with 1.24 stable. Still not too happy with these numbers yet, anyone have better luck with them?

Yes the timing lol

Another member with the same setup as you and I were collaborating about making a club just before your post.

There are alot of us with a 3570k and extreme4.

I managed to get to [email protected] 1.28. Pretty much every setting on auto except the following:

CPU Ratio(multi) : 46
Additional turbo voltage: .004V
LLC : Level 1
Vcore : 1.28

The numbers I used as a guide getting to 4.6 are in the original post, the ivy bridge overclocking guide.
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