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Alright you chimpers, proudly display the hardware your folding on that will help OCN take home the Jaded Monkey :D


To make this a little more interesting, I will be giving out 3x $20 via Paypal to a few of lucky chimps. There will be 2 categories, Most Ghetto Setup, and Most Epic Setup. I will let you guys post your pics and vote accordingly, then at the end of the CC the Most Ghetto and most Epic rigs will be sent some funds :D


The third $20 will be to one random chimp that post's their setup. (And no, you cant win twice)


Edit: We now have a third category being funded by Zdngrfld for the most quantity of folding hardware. The prize for this spot is also $20 via Paypal.


Good luck, have fun, and keep on chimpin!

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