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Quieting the pumps shaking the M10

I didn't get a response from Jim at CaseLabs, so I decided to take a shot solving the problem.

As I mentioned before, the 24v pumps seemed noisy. I've been doing some soundproofing around the house, and recognized that the pump vibration might be resonating through the case. Even though I put rubber grommets over the metal dowels or alignment keys, the binding of the screws -> case -> res/pumps was allowing the vibration to fully transmit throughout the case. Separated from the case, it was substantially quieter.

Luckily, I ordered some extra HDD grommets and screws on a whim, even though I only have an SSD. It successfully stopped the vibration throughout the case. It is an order of magnitude better, though I'm sure it could be improved further. I have not drilled new holes in the mount for the reservoir, so it is still set back about 1/8", but I can get to that later. I'm just happy it is quieter!


Oh yes, apparently the fans are a fun cat toy too...

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