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Special thanks to N1ko for the banner!

I chose the name Polaris, because it is the name of the north star, a tiny but very prominent element of the night sky. A star that stands out among the others. On top of that, the theme of this build will be lack with white accents. Anyway, enough talk:

This is what my case looks like except with a mesh front rad mount thumb.gif

AsRock Z77E ITX Motherboard
Intel 3570k CPU
Fractal Design Array R2 Case Caselabs S3
Corsair Vengeance LP White Low voltage Ram Gskill Trident 2400 C10
Silverstone 450w SFF PSU CM Silent Pro Hybrid 1050 watt
XFX Reference 2GB 6950
Samsung 830 128GB SSD
250 GB Hitachi notebook drive
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