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i7 2600K HT on @ 4.3 all cores
gtx 670 SLI
8 gigs ram @ 1866
P8P67 mobo

I have GPU usage issues as well. I installed the monitoring software and here is my observations.

Map: Strike at Karkand

CPU usage across the board (all 8 threads) was between 40-70%, usually around 50-60% on all 8.

GPU usage for each GPU was about 50-60%

Framerate, 58-70FPS

This leads me to think that our issue is with this game and not out hardware. I had these same GPU usage problems with BFBC2 and gtx 570 SLI. It was the same thing, low GPU usage despite having a blazing fast CPU. So there you have it. I am sadened by this very much as I was hoping these problems would have been fixed with the gtx 600 series, but I was wrong. They are still here and it seems we can't do anything to fix it. The problem seems to be with BF3 simply sucking ass at utilizing multiple GPU setups. If anyone has found a solution to this or a way to improve it, please do share.
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