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Originally Posted by Samurai Batgirl View Post

I'm seriously considering sleeving everything this Summer...
I think this answered more questions than I even had! eek.gif

Originally Posted by HybridCore View Post

Great list of questions and answers. thumb.gif
Cable Sleeving has it's own Forum now! wheee.gif

Thanks bud!
Originally Posted by jackofhearts495 View Post

Perfect post - answered all the questions I was inevitably going to ask for my 100%-sleeving project coming up. Thanks, Lutro0!

Awesome! Feel free to post any questions that come up!
Originally Posted by socketus View Post

Fantastic FAQ - Great move to create a Cable Sleeving forum. Now - the one question I haven't been able to figure out ... the people who sleeve their existing PSU cabling, and the people who buy wire, connectors, pins, sleeving, and start from scratch - I ran across a post by LutroO about how existing PSU cabling will not give the rainbow effect/look that his extensions have, that its difficult to shape the PSU sleeved cables to look so flowing ....
So now I'm re-looking at pics of sleeving in a case and trying to pick out the noticeable differences of the sleeving between existing PSU cables and the DIYers - or does it matter ?
I mean, I get the DIYers approach - custom lengths - but what other reason is/are there for building a sleeved cable system from scratch ?

To explain this more:

The difference between oem and custom cables is just about everything from the crimps to the type of wire used. A custom cable extension is made to fit and flow in the exact spot that it was meant to be in, while a oem cable was made to fit in every spot. The rainbow look is due to the cable being made to bend one way and is made specific for the case and mobo it is going to.

The reason its harder to do that with oem cables is that they have a specific pin out that is always different from maker to maker and they criss cross wires all over and you can only clean it up so much so it will never look like an extension that goes 1 to 1 pin straight across.

So even if you where to make a custom cable with an oem pin out - you could clean it up some but it would still not look like an extension.

I hope that answers some of it.
Originally Posted by AlderonnX View Post

Lutro0, Thanks this is great. there was a couple things i was looking around for on that list that really helped. Ordering some new EPS 8 pin plugs rite now. Also i enjoyed chatting with you on Livestream the other night. Keep up the good work.

Awesome! Thanks for the kind words!

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