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Originally Posted by halcyon-twin View Post

Great job on the FAQ. This makes me want to sleeve my PSU when I get it in!thumb.gif

Originally Posted by Jobotoo View Post

Very nice, thanks!!!
Lustro0, could you add the sleeving size needed for different types of wires/cables (fan wire single or together, eps, sata, molex, and pcie cables)?

Its LUUUUTROOOOOHHH You silly person you.

Thats a great idea. I will get on that as soon as I can. But for a quick answer the small size or 1/8 is fine for individual wires and even all 3or4 of the fan wires in one. The only other sizes to be aware of is usb cables and sata cables and most of the time the sleeve is listed to be used with those things.

However I will measure them out and give you a better answer late. thumb.gif

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