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GTX 670's have 1344 CUDA Cores while my 550 Ti has 192. That's 7 times the amount.

I'd like to know if 7x the CUDA cores would get me 7x the performance rendering scenes with Blender, and if it would be faster per CUDA Core because the 670 is a better card or not.

I game a lot on this computer and I've been doing fine with the 550 Ti but I hooked up my 1050p TV and by that I know I'm going to need a new card for when I get a 1080p monitor. At the moment I'm playing around with Blender and the Render times are pretty long, if I want them to come out nice, I'm using the Cycles Renderer which uses the GPU to render with, and I want to know if upgrading to a card with 7x the CUDA cores will give me around 7x the performance for stuff that uses the CUDA cores.

I'm aware that most games won't benefit from more cores, so I do not believe I will get anywhere near 7x the FPS in games and I do not expect that. I do however expect that games with heavy PhysX will benefit from it though, but there aren't many of those out yet.

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