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Hey... I just made a system with this board, and I have a little bit of a problem. There is almost no info out there, so I made an account in order to join this thread. You seem to know your ****, perhaps you can even help me. In order to save myself some time, Im just going to paste the email I wrote to Galaxy

I recently purchased a galaxy GTX 670 and tried to put it into a computer with an ASUS Z9PE-D8 motherboard (latest v503 bios), two Xeon E5 2660 engineering sample CPUS, and 32gb of non-ecc ram. The galaxy card does not work. The fan comes on, it is not detected, there is no video signal.

However... The galaxy card DOES work in my friend's computer. It also DOES NOT work in another friend's (rather old) computer, both of which usually run older GTX cards.

Furthermore, one of those older cards (an EVGA GTX 260) DOES work in my computer. Indicating that the problem lies within the Galaxy 670 card, or the combination of it and the motherboard.

Other info:
- Tried every PCIE slot
- Card is not detected at a very low level, motherboard beeps when onboard video is disabled, indicating no video card found
- Absolutely no issues in another computer
- Monitor does not display the "no connection" warning, indicating that there is a connection, but screen always remains black, no flicker at any time.

I think I should just exchange this card... But what to exchange it for? What works for you?
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