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I'm more serious about the gaming, I've only recently gained an interest in 3D so I'm looking to get good performance for gaming but I'd like to have good render times as well.

I have a spare computer I can use to throw my 550 Ti into and set it up to render as a slave to help once I've fully learned it and want to make some cool stuff, but as it is right now I'm looking for a card that will get me a nice performance increase from this 550 for rendering, and to keep good FPS while gaming when I get my new monitor.

Right now I am using Blender with the Cycles renderer, using my GPU to do the work. My scenes are rendered at low res with few textures as of now and low geometry to cut down on render times, I'd like to work at a faster pace with better models and textures.

I don't see myself moving away from blender because I'm not doing any professional work, nor am I getting payed. I don't have access to a cheap copy of any of the paid software either, so I'm kind of stuck with Blender and liking it.

When I get my monitor upgrade, it will be 1080P or preferably 1920x1200 and I want good performance at that res.

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