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So I can't decide between the 860 and 1000. System specs:

i7 3930k with a target OC of 5 GHz (looks like this will pull 275 watts or more on its own)
Gigabyte GTX 670 with a target OC of as high as it can go (140 watts or so here)
2x 2TB 7200RPM HDDs in RAID 0
6x Gentle Typhoon AP-15 fans
6x Gelid Wing 14 fans
MCP655 pump
Aquaero 5

I think all that together should easily hit somewhere around 450-500 watts on full load, but it will idle probably around 200 watts (this is a complete guess, I admit). Based on the Chiphell chart linked above, the jonnyguru review, and 1-2 other reviews, the efficiency sweet spot seems to be between 40-60% load. I don't plan on going SLI, but I will definitely be upgrading to Big Kepler when it comes out, and it's looking like that sucker is going to be quite power hungry.

What you guys think? Seasonic Platinum 860W or 1000W? Price difference after shipping between the two would be exactly $40.
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