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I have a 550d. I love it because it is so customizable. I could go full silence or full performance. Sorry for the slightly older less quality picture. I have change some things since then.


Right now I have both panels closed. My ambient temps are around 75c but everything stays around 65c. I just got the artic xtreme. It dumps a lot of heat into my case making everything 65c. Temp wise, I am bottle necked by exhaust. Since I took this picture, I switch my cougar fan with the stock corsair as the exhaust because it has 20 more cfm. I am aiming for positive pressure. I guess I am the only one without a corsair cpu cooler. I do have the nzxt sentry mesh fan controller too

I plan on getting a 14cm fan for the exaust.
I might put handles on it. Something like this.
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